SMARTPHONE Treatment Center 


General Warranty Information

Smartphone Treatment Center is the leader in cell phone and tablet repair in Victoria TX.  We repair Apple, Samsung, LG, and most other brands of cell phones and tablets.  Please call to request a free estimate.  We provide the following types of repairs:

You can be confident that any part we put in your phone is of the best quality possible.  Most of our device repairs come with a 30-day warranty (excluding liquid treatment), which covers the functionality of the part only.  Any physical damage (regardless of reason) or liquid damage is not covered under our warranty.  With all warranty claims the original receipt must be presented to SPTC (no exceptions).​   We do not offer warranties on screen protectors, phone cases, or any accessory we offer for sale (no exceptions).

Please note that since our warranty covers the functionality of the part only, the device under warranty MUST display the problem/malfunction for SPTC in order to qualify under the warranty program.  Please plan to leave your device with SPTC so we can inspect the phone to see if it duplicates the issue you are experiencing.  If the device does not display any problems the warranty claim will be denied.  

Please remember to backup your device prior to having ANY repairs completed.  This will ensure that you retain all of your information in the unfortunate event of data loss during the repair process.

Other Repairs

Does your screen look like this?  Well stop by and we will have your phone or tablet looking as good as new in no time.

Smartphone Treatment Center, your repair specialists in Victoria, TX for iphone, apple, Samsung, LG, iPad and more. 

Battery Replacement

Overcharged/bulging batteries can cause real problems for your device.  Not only will they not charge nor hold a charge, but if they expand as in the picture above they can crack your screen.  The good news is that Smartphone Treatment Center can replace your battery in just a few minutes.

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Liquid Damage

Dropped you phone or tablet in the toilet?  Spilled a drink on your phone?  DO NOT try to turn it on or plug it into a charger. Even sweat can cause damage to your device.  Bring it in and we will perform our liquid damage cell phone repair on your device.

Cracked/Shattered Screen

In addition to the repairs listed above, Smartphone Treatment Center also performs the following repairs:

  • Charging Port Replacement

  • Microphone/speaker replacement

  • Soldering repairs

  • System Restore/Reset

  • Home/Lock button replacement